Er.Anand Mariappan – MARS


Our Junior Engineering programs are designed to teach students the basics of coding from scratch, turning them into game developer, covering key coding concepts such as event listeners, loops, conditions, variables, and randomization.

Once the students gain knowledge in coding, they can create their own games and then moved to next level of basic electronics, circuits, microcontrollers, assembling, and connections. Finally, they will acquire basic knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education which will be useful for their next level.

Our Junior Engineering classes build off young children’s natural curiosity by introducing them to understand the importance of technology in their daily lives.

With numerous electronic modules to explore and various science concepts behind them, learners can experience the endless joys of creativity as they exercise their imagination and interact with principles from various disciplines.


Our senior engineering programs are designed for students to the next level of coding in creating advanced games and some real time projects learned during the training and apply the knowledge to assemble wheeled Robots and enable the movement of robots using coding. Our Senior Engineers spend each class designing, building, testing their own challenges in an engaging, safe, hands-on environment. As a continuous process, we encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones and try new inventions with more confidence.

MARSĀ  is a start-up robotic training institution started with the motto of training student community with advanced technology and latest innovations and bring the students in underdeveloped and developing rural and urban parts of the country.


Our master engineering programs are designed to learn new technologies like IOT, home automation, drone concepts etc. Also students are trained to promote their new inventions and how handle new technology effectively.

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