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About Us

International College of Cambridge

“Our Vision for 2023 is to be among the country’s best College, known for the quality of our teaching and learning”

Vision of The College

International College of Cambridge aspires to be premier college that imagines and influences the future by providing unparalleled educational opportunities to the learner community especially for those coming from the lower socio-economic strata of society seeking quality and job oriented education.

Mission of The College

Our primary mission is to produce versatile and resourceful professionals who are relvantly qualified for their chosen profession and vocations within an educational environment that fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm for excellence.We realize this goal through four core principles of providing industry-integrated,technology-based, research-driven and holistic education.

Core Values

" The College is committed to these core values, which guide us in carrying out our mission and realizing Our vision. These values are represented through Stair"
  • Serving Students with Quality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Accountability
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Respect to People

Philosophy of The College?

WISDOM is the culmination of vast knowledge. With it,comes the ability to make sound judgments and decisions.

INTEGRITY is about right values and morals in life. It is the backbone that upholds strong and positive character.

BRILLIANCE is quality beyond experience. It is concerned with achieving the highest standards and outperforming the rest

Special Campus Tour

Campus on a tour designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how our university like, facilities, studenst and life in this university. Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.

Chairman Message

International college of Cambridge couples sound academic achievement with an extensive, vibrant co-curricular programme that includes the degree Arts, Management, IT, Science and Teachers training programmes. We try to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and help them develop the skills demeanor of lifelong ‘learning’, essential for making responsible global citizens, capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism. We offer a wide range of university and add-on courses that prepares the students for employment and higher education. We try instill the values of respect and trust in relationships that are the foundation of real success. We believe that ‘education’ is a wholesome, holistic exercise. We care for the mind, we care for the person—the accent is on the all round development of personality. Above all, we care for the nurture of good human beings, well-equipped to meet the challenges of the world.

I.Chandrakumar ,MA,MBA, MPM,Ph.D (R)                                                                                                                                Chairman

Affiliation with the University

IIC University of Technology is approved by Ministry of Education and Youth and Sports, Royal Kingdom of Cambodia and member of the International Association of Universities and recognized by the University Grants Commission Sri Lanka.

IIC University of Technology came into existence in 2008 through the evolution of the International Institute of Cambodia, founded in 1999. IIC University is accredited by the Royal Government of Cambodia as specified in Sub-Decree No. 127ANK.BK.

IIC University of Technology is recognized by the Royal Government in accordance with Sub Decree No. 127 and received a certificate from the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) and follows international standard curriculum and real credit system and responds to both domestic and foreign labor markets. 

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